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One of the most traded commodites in the the world today, coffee as we know it most likely was discovered in Ethiopia and was spread around the world by the Arab cultures. Grown on an evergreen bush, the coffee fruit or cherries contain a seed we know as the bean. Once harvested and processed, the beans are dried and roasted at varying temperatures to produce the desired flavor. The roasted beans are then ground and coffee can be brewed in a variety of ways.

Coffee is the most-drunk beverage in the world today, encourages social behavior and continues to be popular with young people. Our beans are hand picked by the owners and purchased from fair trade sources from around the world to provide a wide variety of chioce and taste to our customers. The raw or green coffee beans come in 50 pound bags and are roasted on the premises to ensure top quality freshness and flavor.

Roasted On Site

We roast fresh beans at least twice a week and more often when needed. This ensures you receive the freshest most flavorful coffee we can make - whether we are brewing it fro you to drink here or you are buying beans to use at home.

For Here or To Go

We believe you should have a choice about your beans - - buy a drink for here or to go and take our fresh-reasted beans or ground coffee home to prepare in your favorite way. We like to be green and recycle everything, including used grounds. Plus, you can bring your own cup and save 25 cents on your drink.

As always, we want to our customers to know how much we appreciate their loyalty, so we give a free coffee with the purchase of every ten drinks. We also have a Bean Club - buy ten pounds and get a free coffee. We love our customers and look forward to seeing you soon!

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332 Main Street. Oldtown Salinas

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